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I have silverware from my mother-in-law. It is approximately 50 years old, and it has an odor of what I believe is silver polish. I have soaked the flatware and scrubbed it with an electric toothbrush without success. The odor is so over-powering we can't eat with them. Any ideas about how to get rid of the odor?

Re: Odor


Is the flatware sterling? If so you can continue washing it with mild vinegar and water solution. Vinegar is excelent for removing odors.

If it is plated perhaps the base metal is comming through the plating and that might be causing the odor.


Re: Re: Odor

Dear Fred,
Thanks so much for your response. The flatware is sterling. I tried the vinegar and water wash (actually scrub!!), but it had very little effect. Out of desperation, I used a baking soda wash--I know, baking soda is dreadful for sterling, but it was that or dispose of the set. The baking soda soak did the trick.

Thanks for your help.