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Kunza mark

I have a large hammered silver cuff with the signature 'Kunza' (written in cursive script) inside. I have had it since the late 50's when it was given to my mother in Cleveland, OH. I am aware that this term is related to an indigenous group from northern Chile. Any one aware of a smith who may have used the name?

Re: Kunza mark

I have no information on the mark or maker. eBay is currently offering an auction of a silver cuff by the same maker.


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Kind of you to respond. Thanks!

Re: Re: Kunza mark

I searched by Kunza (with no results) and then individually through pages of silver cuffs and couldn't find a listing. If you remember how you found it and could send me the link, I'd appreciate it.

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The auction has ended eBay# 300165377436.


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what a shame ... yes, same technique and style ... obviously the same smith ...