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JE Caldwell silver candlesticks

I had a pair of stickes with glass globes- the globes have 6 point stars cut on them and small stars etched on them- I broke a globe- I have had them for 30 years- got them at an antique shop in Lower Michigan- the sticks are stamped JE Caldwell & Co weighted C46 sterling silver-They also have a very small etched number on them- can anyone tell me anything about them or how likely it may be to find a replacement globe? I've already tried ... I know it was a Philedelphia co but don't know the approx age of teh candlesticks nor how many may have been produces or who made the globes for them- I want to get two matching globes if I can't get a replacement for the one remaining.

Re: JE Caldwell silver candlesticks


JE Caldwell is a prestigeous retailer of fine jewelry and silver in Philadelphia and have been im business since the early 19th century. I would first contact them and see if these globes are still available. Remember to send them an image and dimensions.


Re: Re: JE Caldwell silver candlesticks

Thank you- I will try that- I had no idea that he was still in business- I'll try tonight. Thanks again. Patty

Re: JE Caldwell silver candlesticks

I attempted to contact the company directly and have received no response- does anyone out there have any other ideas? I received the sticks because of the pattern on the globes- it is similar to the Susquahana Glass company 6 point star- does anyone know who provided the glass to the JE Caldwell company?