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I have been using an acetylene torch to do my soldering and casting. I am looking for a hotter source for casting. I spoke with my supplier of acetylene gas and he suggested a Poly Propeliene (spelling?)gas. It is hotter and not very expensive to use but my question is it ok to use for casting silver or should I stay with the acetylene gas?

Re: Torch

Are you just using acetylene or acetylene and oxygen? The compination of acetylene and oxygen is plenty hot enough to do most casting. The melting and casting of silver has some drawbacks due to the affinity that silver has absorb oxygen. I suggest using a reducing flame and use the flux to keep the silver from absorbing the oxygen. Polypropylene is a type of plastic. I do not recall of any fuel/gas by that name.


Re: Re: Torch

Mr. Zweig,

I am sorry I had the wrong information, I just checked with the gas supplier and he said it is called Poly Propane. They say it burns at about 3700.

I was thinking of adding the oxygen to the acetylene that I am useing now but this Poly Propane is half the set up cost. I was not sure if it might be just to hot for silver.

Jim Canning