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Re: Re: Re: Correction fluid as a solder inhibitor

When I was in college, we used it all the time as a solder inhibitor, without any issue. We always did our soldering under a fumehood, so that took care of the fumes. I think maybe the warning about inhaling the fumes is to prevent people from "sniffing" the bottle, like some do with glue.

Hope this helps a little,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Correction fluid as a solder inhibitor

Thanks. I did get something from Bic, which I think was their standard chemical report sheet about the product, but my computer wouldn't open it. I wrote to them again to say that I couldn't open it and re-asking the question, but got no reply. I had read somewhere that some students had been warned about the fumes, so if anyone else has info, please pass it on.