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Re: Re: chasing, engraving: problem with translation from Spanish into English

Thanks for posting this. I recently wrote privately to Fred, and haven't had a reply, but I'm still struggling (months later) with some confusion about these terms. In your message, are you referring to rechazar, grabar, or cincelar?

I'm certain that grabar = engraving, but I can't get clarity on rechazar and cincelar. The problem is that I thought they were synonyms for chasing, but the two terms appear together in descriptions of items in an art catalog: plata rechazada, cincelada ...

Any thoughts you'd care to share on this would be much appreciated (I'm not a silversmith, so I'm stumbling in the dark here...)


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Spoke with an old Mexican man that I know. He explained to me that the word is a type of chiseling without removing any metal. More of a decorative effect.