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Torch, solder, and flux

Never done Silversmithing, I'm very interested in giving it a shot. I'm currently reading "Silversmithing" by Rupert Finegold and William Seitz. I'm at the section which covers soldering.
I'm a plumber by day and use a B-tank and torch, utility flux(Brand: Oatey No. 5 Lead Free Solder Paste), and a roll of 100% lead free solder(Brand: Taramet Sterling). Can that combo the torch, flux, and solder be used for silversmithing? Correct me if I'm wrong but that solder is a "Hard" solder as opposed to 50/50 which will have a lower flow point.

Re: Torch, solder, and flux


You are correct. The solder you use as a plumber is low temp. You can use the gas/air torch you use for high temp "brazing". I brazing is the more acurate term for what we do in joining metals together. Silver soldering/brazing uses silver alloys that melt at a lower temperature than the base metal we are joining. The flux is different and I would recommend staying away from fluxes containing fluorides. Silver solder without cadmium is best for safety. "Silversmithing" is an excellent book to learn from. Low temp solders (lead/tin based) will contaminate the silver and ruin it.

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Re: Torch, solder, and flux

Always wear protective clothing. I use protective sleeves and respirators when dealing with metals and such. Also a good pair of gloves is always a must. Try for some of these safety supplies.