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Silver Inlay

Hi All,
New here. Nice site I must say.
I am a Scrimshaw artist in Key West,FL. I ahve just started to do some silver inlay on my mammoth ivory pieces. My problem is, when I go to bench polish the final piece I get a lot of black-tarnish stuff adhering to the wheel and the piece.
I figured it was tarnish residue. I have hand cleaned it with remover before I take it to the wheel, same problem.
Really dont know what to do about.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thx from Key West

Re: Silver Inlay

I suspect you are right that it is tarnish residue. I might suggest using white diamond as your initial cutting and polishing compound. Wipe it clean by hand and then use a plastic polish like Zam as a final polish. You may still need to wipe it clean with a soft cloth.


Re: Re: Silver Inlay

I will try that