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Info on old grandfathers cigar ashtray !!!

Hello everyone,
I have an old silver cigar ashtray that I received from my grandfathers estate after he pasted away.I would love to know anything anyone out there could tell me about it.In the tray on the bottom it says APPA in fancy swish lettering under that name it says FEB,7th 1907.On the back of the tray it is engraved with the letters and numbers saying wd354w.Please help, Please contact me at I will send photos if needed.Thanks again.
Dave Hubbard

Re: Info on old grandfathers cigar ashtray !!!

Hi Dave,

I don't recognize those marks, sorry! You might want to try these resoiurces:

Re: Re: Info on old grandfathers cigar ashtray !!!

Thanks jeff,
I sent you two pictures of the ashtray that I would like if you took at look at and could tell me anything at all. Thanks again for your time, Dave Hubbard