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Torch for a hobbiest...


I took a class a while ago in jewelry making and I would like to buy a torch so that I can make a few small projects for myself and friendsf/family. I would like to try to find an inexpensive kit (this is a hobby for me at this point, not a job though maybe some day) say under $200 w/ torch, regualtors and tanks. All I expect to be doing is a little soldering w/ silver or possibly gold. We used an oxy/accetylene torch in class which I was comfortable with. I have also been looking at oxy/propane torches and I saw that there are torches out there that use propane and air. For the little bit of soldering I would be doing which torch is the best (and/or least expensive) option? Also where would you recommend buying it?


Re: Torch for a hobbiest...


O would buy a plumber's torch with a "B" tank. Any good welding supply house will also have a good selection of torch tips.