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Re: Where to find.

Mr. Holtz,

An Artisan in our Referral Service may be able to assist you. Please call me at 800/461-6840 to discuss your needs and budget.

Many thanks,


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I was recently tasked to develop a memorial table for the fighter pilots of our squadron that have fallen in combat. The concept is a burnished/pewter silver bi-fold frame with matching contemporary (2) candlestick holders flanking the frame on a blue table runner as these are the Air Force colors.
My problem is finding the burnished/pewter/oxidized candle holders (between 6 and 8 inches tall. There are alot of sterling silver ones out there but none of them would match the bi-fold frame.
Is there a way/technique that I could burnish or oxidize the sterling or shiny ones at home.
Or does anyone know where I can obtain (buy or have built)two contemporary holders as described.