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silver confusion ????

Hi, I know about PMC being 99% silver, sterling being 92.5% silver....but how does Thai and Bali silver compare in silver content? I lived in China for a few years and really can't believe that the silver content is the same as sterling. At times I am across fake silver stamped 925, so I am very hesitant. I am a jeweler and would really like to be able to educate my customers as well as know what I am paying for..thanks

Re: silver confusion ????

I don't know of any way of discerning the silver content of jewelry comming out of Thailand or Bali without having it tested. Most of the value of small silver items is not in the intrinsic value of the metal but in the labor required to make it. I suspect the silver content to be relatively high. I might suggest periodically testing a few sample items from stock you receive and that might give you an edudcated guess as to what you can suspect from a particular vendor. Hope this helps.


Re: Re: silver confusion ????

Thanks so much for your reply, I will start testing the silver I buy.....