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I.D. on Maker's Mark-Unsolved Mystery


I honestly have spent many hours trying to determine the origin of a piece of Holloware. I bought a book on British Maker's Marks & learned about Britannia ware. I researched any American maker with the initials G.S. I can't locate this mark anywhere. I would be grateful for any imput! This is a footed bowl type piece with ornate handles. The markings are hard to see. With a magnifying glass, I made a sketch and scanned it into a pdf.file. The basic info is: Sheffield Reproduction. The letters G S Co. are in individual shields follwed by the head of a bird looking to the right.(eagle?) I would describe the "font" of letters as "old english" or "gothic". The silver plate has worn away in a few places, revealing a white metal. After I cleaned it, I discovered someone's initials engraved on the base.
I am not sure how I would attach my sketch to this post.

Thank you!

Re: I.D. on Maker's Mark-Unsolved Mystery

I figured it out! It's George Simons & Co. of Philadelphia. Wahoo!

Could you help Plz about that maker's mark

Dear ,
I m sorry to interupt u but i have a watch belongs to 1878 & the makers mark is from london & i dont know who is this maker, it is a family earning so no one knows anything about . the maker's mark is H.B & i read u have a book about british maker's mark, so could you look it up and find the maker plz
thanks for your time.
Ahmed Abouelsoud