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Authentication of the Purchaser and Owner of Rogers Bros. Coffee Server

Dear Sirs:
I write in order to ask whether it is possible to authenticate the purchaser and eventual owner of a Rogers Bros. Silver Coffee Server that alleged belonged to a Confederate Colonel Breckinridge.

My Father inherited the Silver Coffee Server in question. His family always stated that this was part of a Confederate Colonel Breckinridge's officer's mess but so far, we do not know how to verify his ownership and go about documenting the authenticity of this claim. As for family records or receipts: so far, we have nothing to go on except for Family Trees and oral history.

Supposing that the Confederate military would not likely bestow this type of extravagance amidst their issue of officer's items, it was most likely, a purchase of his own, his Family {Breckinridge} or that of a friend.
The server measures 12 1/2 inches in height and is 7 1/4 inches in diameter at the base. On the base is inscribed:
PAT - July 13, 1868, PAT - NOV 30,1868.

Below the PAT#'s are the nos. 284 USA ***Rogers Bros. A Shield containing the words: Guaranteed by Rogers Smith & Co. Meriden CT.

We have been told that Rogers & Co. was purchased by Steif Silver Co. Steif has been out of business for over twenty years.

We are acting under the assumption that somewhere there is a record of this sale in the archives of these companies that will show for whom the Server was made and/or by whom it was purchased. Where might we begin?

In advance, Thank you, very much for your time, expertise, and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,
Paul Hinton