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Crown Silver Plate Co

I've been trying to find information on the Crown Silver Plate Co. pattern #151, with no avail. I have a platter that was my gram's and was passed on to me. On the bottom those words are embossed with a crown in the middle of it. I've researched a little bit of everywhere and had no luck whatsoever. Any help would be awesome. Its a beautiful piece and I'd love to be able to know a little of its history. We think it is an old dessert or appetitzer platter, it has beautiful designs on the plate part of it, very intricate. It looks to be almost victorian but because I am having a difficult time even figuring out where the Company was located I have no idea. I bet it has a lot of stories to tell. I know it isn't something my gram would have bought, so my aunt and I think that it was passed to her at some point in her life. ANy help would be awesome.

Re: Crown Silver Plate Co

There are at least three separate companies known as the Crown Silver Plate Co.

One was locate in Bristol, Connecticut later becoming part of the American Silver Co. also of Bristol. The company was later bought by International Silver Company.

Another was in New York City they were acquired by J.W.Johnson.

The last was in Toronto, Canada and went out of business in 1922.

I have never seen catalogues for these companies and so it may be difficult to find out more about your platter.

Re: Re: Crown Silver Plate Co

Thank you very much

I would think that the platter would either have originated in either Toronto, Canada or Connecticut. My ancestors were Newfoundlanders, as well as others from Nova Scotia, who came down to Massachusetts in the early 1900's. Any ideas as to where I could go a little bit more in depth for info in those two areas?

Thanks again,