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Rockwell Silver Co.

In doing research on my grandfather Alfred Erbe, I discoverd that in 1917 he worked for the Rockwell silver company in Meriden, connecticut. I understand that Rockwell silver no longer exists. My Grandfather went on to become chief Designer at West Virginia Glass Specialty Co. I'm trying to fill in some gaps.

Does anyone know where the records to rockwell silver company might reside? I want to find out more facts about my grandfather.

Thanks for your help.


Re: Rockwell Silver Co.

I do not have my research books available at the moment.

It is possible that Rockwell may be one of the companies that merged into International Silver Company and they may have documentation.

Not all of the ephemera from acquired companies are kept due to storage problems. You might want to check local libraries in Meriden to see if they were donated any of that material.


Re: Re: Rockwell Silver Co.

My reference books tell me that the Rockwell Silver Co merged with Silver City Glass Co to form Denorex Industries Inc. You might try contacting them for the information you seek.