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Silver Saddle

I'm working on a fictional story that focuses on a silver saddle. I have some specific questions that I haven't been able to find answers to in my research. I apologize in advance if these are questions with obvious answers, but I would appreciate any help you might offer. I'd like to get it right. Question #1 - How difficult is it to tell the difference between sterling silver and german silver? Is it obvious to the naked eye, or would most people have to test it or weigh it to determine the difference? Question #2 - If an item, like a saddle, has been engraved or chased, is there a way to hide that engraving effectively without removing it? Thank you so much for any help you might offer.

Re: Silver Saddle

Silver and nickle mounts are fairly easily distinguishable.. Nickle silver is more gray than the whiter silver mounts. They wear differently. Nickle(nickle silver)is harder than silver(sterling).

Testing would make it easier to distinguish the two.

There is no real way of masking the the engraved design of the mounts without removing the metal and thining it. To fill it with solder would destroy it so that it would not be able to be restored to it's original design.


Re: Re: Silver Saddle

Thanks so much for your response. I appreciate the help.