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Re: Re: Solid Sterling or Weighted?

Hi, the bottoms of these candlesticks are sealed-- as though it is possible that they are weighted with some material inside... but there are no 'weighted' or 'cement loaded' markings to be found. It is usual for makers to weight their items without indicating so with a mark? I had always assumed that by law an items contents had to be specifically stated so as to avoid confusion--I'm sorry that I have no images to offer, here-- your best guess is greatly appreciated.
As you can imagine, value for insurance purposes would vary greatly depending on the answer. Thanks again!

Re: Re: Re: Solid Sterling or Weighted?

I am not familiar with items produced by Matthews Silver. I would suspect the bases are filled or weighted. This is only a guess since I cannot see or handle the candlesticks. You might get the opinion of a local smith or antique dealer who specializes in silver.