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Pelton and ???

Good Evening~ I have two questions, please. I am at a loss:I have Net-ed to distraction=Zip. I have Warman's Guide for Sterling Silver Flatware but!! I cannot find any clue to the marks on a fish service. Purchased 50 years ago by Mother and old, then. It must be plate. Handles are stamped HH. Forks carry a Mark that resemble(sorta) Fancy scripted (1)H or K (2) B (3) Ampersand (4) identical: repeats H or K (5) six pointed pinwheel or gear.
I cannot locate any information on a Pelton silversmiths of Connecticut. I have a silver plate service for sale but cannot find information. Urn is inscribed(a fishing prize) 1870 Buffalo, New York but set was chased by Pelton of Middletown, Connecticut. American Greek Revival style. All pieces marked LW&OZ Pelton--CONN--Middletown 1872.

If anyone can shed some light on these two mysteries I would truly appreciate it. Thank you for reading my inquiry. Sincerely, Marney