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Little Torch Handle Getting Hot

Hi, I hope this is an appropriate question for this forum.

I have a Smith Little Torch which I used extensively when making jewelry and doing repair work.
I quit doing it for a while but recently set up my shop again and made my first piece last week.

My problem is that the handle of my torch is getting very hot and I don't remember that ever happening before. I'm using the same tip size I usually use which is #6 and I'm using about 6 lbs pressure on both the Oxy and acetylene.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to why the handle is getting so hot. It got so hot I culdn't even hold it anymore.

Thank you,


Re: Little Torch Handle Getting Hot


It is possible that your getting some flash back on your torch handle and you need to have a qualified person look at this and make repairs to it.

Perhaps something got lodged into the torch while it was stored or not used. I sometimes get bees making nests in the tips of my torch. My soldering area is outside and I am prey to these resourceful insects. I have made caps for each of my tips to help elliminate this bother.

Don't use your torch until you have someone qualified look at it. Check with the retailer that fills your tanks for a reputable repairman. As your supplier about flash back check valves for your torch. I believe it is important to put safety first in whatever you do so you can continue doing it.

Let us know what the problem and solution was.


Re: Re: Little Torch Handle Getting Hot

Thank you Fred,

I'll have it checked out as soon as I can and report back.


Re: Little Torch Handle Getting Hot

Fred is right, with one other consideration. If the acetylene has also been sitting for awhile, it can degrade and would possibly burn hot. If a gas tank is stored, the lower the pressure, the greater chance of degrading or even contamination (depending on the gas).