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Re: hardened glue on silver

Your silver plated items can be soaked for as long as you need to remove water soluble glues. Silver will not be damaged by warm water. Be carful when submersing hollow handles since they might fill with the water. Observe the silver to see if the glue has any sulfides that may tarnish the silver. If that is the case the silver can be polished once the glue is removed. Most solvents have no effect on silver.


Re: Re: hardened glue on silver

Hi there,
I now have a beautiful silver serving dish! Thanks so much for your advice. The hot water did not disolve the glue but loosened it. Some I could peel rite off; the rest I worked off slowly by submerging in hot water a while then using nail polish remover on cotten balls.I waited to polish till all the glue was gone.
The glue did no harm at all. As a mater of fact, I discovered this mess 4 years ago when moving & had never unpacked it when we finished the move. At the time, one small area peeled off & amazingly enuff, that area which the glue had touched remained untarnished for 4 years.
Thanks again for your website & advice.