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Pickling container

I have been useing a 5 gallon bucket to hold my pickling solution. But now I am making some serving tray's 15" x 20" and they will not fit in the bucket.
I have tryed a plastic storage box, right size but
the acid is not very friendly to the plastic.

The books say to make your own out of lead sheets, but the plumbers in my area do not use lead for the shower stalls any more.

Any idea's as to what I could use???

Jim Canning

Re: Pickling container

What are you using for pickling solution? Sodium bisuphate is not harsh on most plastics. Heavy gauge copper can be used to make a pickle container and eventually it will have to be remade as the copper gets eaten away. If trays are not a large volume of your work, you might try different plastic containers for your pickle. pour it back into your 5 gallon bucket after you use it so it does not break down the other plastic. Good luck on your trays.