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Silver? Cross found

The winter storms in Oregon have laid open a huge area of the ocean floor in one area of the coast. When walking there this weekend. I saw a strangely uniform shape in the round stones.

I found what appears to be an old, very beaten up, silver cross. It appears to have once been part of a necklace, the top loop is broken but still indicates there was a loop there. I'm not sure if its silver and any markings it had are very eroded. It almost looks like a scripted 'F' on the front.

How can I tell if it is silver and what age it is?

It could be from a shipwreck ages ago, or it could be something lost very recently and the ocean has eaten it quickly.

Any clues where I can go to try to piece this puzzle together? I doubt there is enough left to tell where it is from, but maybe.