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Re: not sure if it is apropriate here, but I have equipment to sell


The Society of American Silversmiths website offers a tool exchange site. "International Silversmiths' Tool Exchange"

You can post your add on this site for free.

Hope this helps,

Re: Re: , but I have equipment to sell, lost wax casting shop

This is a complete shop that must be sold, illness in the family. A complete list of items with pictures can be sent for review if you are interested and serious. Shipping is from Alaska, USA, to be included in the final selling price. Some of the items included in this shop liquidation are: wax injector, vacuum bell/table, wax mold maker, centrifuge with extra crucibles, kiln, large buffing machine, tumbler & 2 sizes of drums, gemstones, several ounces of casting silver, finings, hand tools, dremmel, and much, much more.

Connie & John Grudzinski
(907) 260-4859