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Tashking 90% silver box

I acquired at the flea market yesterday a very nice silver box. The marks impressed on the bottom in three rectangles are TASHKING 90%SILVER and what looks like an inverted capital T with 4 dashes and a line thru them on each side of the inverted T base. Is this Chinese export silver? How old? How can I post pictures to this site with my inquires? Can I just email you pictures? Thanks Fred for all your great help!!

Re: Tashking 90% silver box

Import Chinese Silver is not my expertise and it does appear that your silver box may be from the Orient. The description of the inverted T mark may be a Kanji character. I have no books on Chinese marks and can offer no further help. I know that a book on Import Chinese silver was published. Perhaps your local library could acquire a copy through an inter library loan.

Good luck and get back to us if you find out anything further.