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Hard to find silver maker

Hi all,
I have found a ladle with only the name (Stockton&Fuller erie,pa) on it. Can anyone tell me who and what it is? is it sterling, coin silver.I don't even know the clear age of it. Can anyone help me out? Small ladle 6 1/2 inches long 2 inch bowl very simple in design. Looks very colonial,fiddletype handle. Many Many Thanks, Tom

Re: Hard to find silver maker

There is a ladle by this maker on ebay now, ebay item # 7384697988.

Re: Hard to find silver maker

The ladle is probably coin silver. There was a silversmith by the name of Samuel Wesley Stockton in Philadelphia during the first half of the 19th century. I cannot say if this is the same silversmith who made your ladle or if he formed partnership with a Mr. Fuller. If this is the same ladle now on ebay I would say it is nicely made and in good condition.