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My husband's family left him several pieces of sterling and silverplate including platters, bowls, a tea set, etc. Many of them were wrapped in jeweler's flannel storage bags.
I plan to polish everything with 3M Tarni-shield and wrap each piece in acid-free tissue (or in the flannel bag they were in originally) them put them in those large new Ziploc bags with a 3M Anti-tarnish strip per bag.
In my research, however, I read that the flannel bags can redeposit absorbed tarnish if the bags are old, and these are. Can I wash them and reuse them, replacing their original tarnish protection with the Anti-tarnish strips? Or should I discard them and go with only acid-free tissue? Thanks for your help.

Re: silvercloth

Your plan of washing the old silvercloth bags and storing as you described with the anti tarnish strip sound like a good plan. I am not aware of the older bags contaminating the silver with tarnish and I believe washing them can only help you retard the tarnish. Good luck.

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