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Re: Miniture Silver Tea Set

Miniature silver is a highly collectable field. I suspect this set has been pieced together by the previous owner due to the varying marks on the pieces. The marks you identify are typical of those used on English silver.

The walking lion or "lion passant" denotes the silver quality of Sterling. The anchor would indicate that the piece was assayed in Birmingham. I suspect that the triple pillar is actually a letter such as M which would help us identify the year it was assayed. The letters AB&C are probably the maker's marks which will help you identify who made the item.

I am unable to identify the maker or even the year they were made without the items in hand and the appropriate books for research. There is in print a book on Birmingham Silversmiths that would possibly give you the information you seek. I would suggest a trip to your local library or even a visit to the Birmingham Assay office if you are close enough.

Good luck and tell is if you discover anything in your search.


Re: Re: Miniture Silver Tea Set

Thank you Fred Zweig, you have been most helpful.
Faithfully, Sarah