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Silver salvage and unplating

Hello all. My father likes to piddle in metals has become interested in salvaging and recovering silver, but doesn't know exactly how.

He has many hunks of mostly junk silvered and plated metals, and a few sterling, that he would like to remove the silver from and recover, preferably into a single chunk.

There is apparently an electropheresis (sp?) process by which this is done with chemicals and the silver is collected on a piece of sterling wire, but we have no details or knowledge of the process.

Does anyone have any experience or advice in figuring this process out or have any sources I can check out? Thanks!

Re: Silver salvage and unplating

Hello to you!

The amount of silver your father will realize would be too small to invest in equipment and hazardous chemicals. If he could make the pieces functional, even just for show and not actual use, he may be better served.