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John Locke silversmith

John Locke was my grandfather. He was a silver smith in Titusville Pa. He apprenticed under Joel F. Hewes, starting in 1914. I am looking for any further information on his/their work and craft.

Re: John Locke silversmith

I have seen a few bowls and a dipper made by your Grandfather for sale on Ebay over the last few years. It is obvious that he worked with Hewes since his designs are nearly identical to the work of his teacher. If you email me I can send you images of what I have recorded. I am not familiar with any written documentation of your grandfather. Do you have anything to contribute? It is important to research and document whatever we can so as not to lose record of these craftsmen.

Re: Re: John Locke silversmith

Thank you VERY much for the responce and the offer of the pictures. I would very much like to have copies of them and if known prices they brought. We do not own any of his work but would someday like to. I still live in Titusville Pa. Where his shop was located. The building where his and Mr hewes shop was located has been refurbished in the store front but I think his work room is still more or less intact. I was in it as a small child.
I assumed most of his work stayed local but The people who own it are apparently holding on to it.
Thank you for your reply and your interest. As I come up with more info I will gladly share it with you.