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Wendt sterling--Starr and Marcus

Hello. I have a sterling compote marked with the retailer Starr and Marcus and New York. It also has the mark "English Sterling" in a semi-circle.

I had thought Wendt was the likely maker since I have seen Wendt attributed sterling with this mark and I believe Wendt did a lot of work for Starr and Marcus.

I recently read an article that indicated the silversmith William Bogert also used "english sterling" in work done for Tiffany.

Was the mark "English Sterling" to denote 925 used by many makers?

Is there any definitive source linking "English Sterling" in a semi-circle to Wendt?

Thank you.

Re: Wendt sterling--Starr and Marcus

I suspect you are correct in your belief that your compote is by Wendt. I know of no documentation that links the term English Silver to the firm. I will see if I can find anything else.