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Marine Lightship Officer Walter Edward Bartlett married North London 1927 died 1933 aged approx 28

Hi all
Hoping someone might be able to help me with a genealogy related inquiry.

My Grandfather (1900-1977) was one of four siblings who were born between 1895 and 1905 in and around London. I have established the history of the elder three but am still working on the youngest.

Walter Edward Bartlett was born in Sidcup Kent in 1905. His father Albert Bartlett was a Met' police sergeant but fell ill, retired early and moved to Warmington Northants with his wife and family, sadly passing away in 1910. The 1911 Census has the mother Fanny Bartlett nee Rimes as postmistress with three of the four children with her, the missing one being my grandfather who was in the Police Orphanage / school in Twickenham.

I believe Walter Edward Bartlett became a maritimer and I have records of him sailing with the Blue Funnel Line on meat ships between London and Argentina until 19527. I have found a marriage for a Walter Edward Bartlett from July 1927 marrying Dorothy Bull in North London. Sadly the marriage didn't last long because Walter died in 1933, and here is the interesting part.

On the wedding certificate Walter's occupation is listed as Marine Lightship Officer. A lady has published her family tree online and includes Walter and Dorothy on there so I made contact with her and asked if she knew why Walter died at the young age of around 1928. The lady said that her mum vaguely recalled Walter known as Ted passing away and believes it was due to eating some food from a can which had been opened for a while. She wasn't sure whether he was at work or not.

A little bit of googling suggests that Lightship crew needed maritime experience and Walter's service with the Blue Funnel line would be useful for this. I understand that Trinity House lost a lot of records in WW2 so there is unlikely to be much of use. The fact that Walter and Dorothy's home was in Enfield suggests the nearest Lightships would be along the north bank. I understand lightship crews generally worked 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off.

My friend has a login to old newspapers and has carried out several searches to see if the death made the newspapers, but nothing apparently
This is pretty much all I know and would welcome any any correspondence to my email address.

Many thsnks
Phil Bartlett
Great Wyrley
South Staffordshire