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The lightship "Goodwin"


I was hoping that someone in the forum might be able to help us. I restore antique boxes and have a few of the "Trinity" boxes. Two that I am working on have a name on the hull. One with the name "Gull" on the side, this is in very good order and only needs a clean and polish, however the other with the name "Goodwin on the side needs some colour's restored into the flag and hull. And this is where i need some help.

When I restore I like to keep all the details authentic and in this case I cannot find any images, paintings or information on this vessel.
I have found the South, North and East Goodwin which are red and I believe from the 20th century. This trinity box is from the 19th Century, around 1860 / 1880, with only "GOODWIN" on the hull. There appears to be a few trinity vessels of the 19th Century that have a black hull and I wondered if this was the correct direction?

If anyone has information, a painting or an image that might help us with the restoration we would be very grateful, also if you have any knowledge of the correct flag that would have flown when on station, that would be wonderful.
Thank you for your time.

James Jennings

Re: The lightship "Goodwin"

I read this article by Alfred Padgett written in The Sketch on September 11, 1895.
He is recalling that sixteen years earlier in 1879 he was on board the Nore Lighthship. He writes, and I quote "What do they do to while away the time ?. They go in hugely for box making. Once on the Nore, whenever a new hand made his appearance, the oldsters instructed him in the art of marquestry.
In a very short time he proved to be more skilful in the art than the best part of the cabinet workmen in the so called London slaughter houses."
It is an interesting article if you can find it.