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Geordie Peacock

I have had an enquiry from a lady wishing to know about what happened to Geordie Peacock and his family?

Apparently she used to visit him, his wife Isabelle and their two daughters when they lived at Nash Point Lighthouse in the mid to late 70's.

She and her father remember them all with fondness but they lost touch after they moved, possibly to Souter Point?

Any info will be passed on and, I am certain, gratefully received by this lady and her father.



Re: Geordie Peacock

Hi Chris,
Can't help with the enquiry about Geordies whereabouts after Nash Pt, but I can tell you that prior to that he was my PK during 1973 to 1974 at Coquet Lighthouse.
Quite a character I recall, it was he who instigated the Sunday morning row from the island to the shore where we would buy bread and papers (and a pint or two to fortify us for the row back) in the village, and occasionally, on good days, he was able to spend a couple of hours with his family on the beach before we had the long row back.
He was also there during the government investigation of companies who used explosives after the Birmingham bombings when he almost gave the scientific investigator a heart attack by saying we burned our misfire explosive charges in the incinerator!
Yes, only good memories of Geordie.