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Re: 'Lighthouse' By Tony Parker.

'Lighthouse' by Tom Parker is, IMHO, the most accurate book about the lives of Lighthouse Keepers that I have read. I know that some, usually long-serving, ex- Keepers do not agree and even think that the book is heresy.

As I was only in the service for a little less than 2 years and others spent a lifetime in the service, they may well be right though Tom Parker is a very well respected writer.

In the book he has carefully disguised the stations he visited and the personnel he met, which is probably right and proper. However, many ex-keepers know exactly which stations and which Keepers he refers to, even I am pretty certain I know a few of both.

Not quite so certain that the Tower written about is the Bishop, though!

Perhaps someone with much more knowledge than me will someday decipher it all. If so, please make it sooner rather than later as we are losing all too many ex-Keepers now as time passes.

Regardless of its accuracy, or otherwise, it is a great book and well worth reading.