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Lighthouse gravestone, Burwen cemetery Amlwch

I was wondering whether any forum members were familiar with the memorial to lighthouse keeper Thomas Cunningham in the cemetery at Burwen, near Amlwch on Anglesey, where I used to live. (

I always go and have a look on it when I drop in on my parents, who are buried there. According to the inscription, Thomas Cunningham was a keeper in Shanghai for many years, and he died in 1910.

While a quick search of Google Images suggests that lighthouse-shaped gravestones aren't unique, I don't think there are many as well made and well-detailed as this six-foot high example.

Sadly, some of the metal detailing such as the ladder, is beginning to succumb to the salty Anglesey air - I wonder if anything could be done to preserve it? I'd happily take a tin of Hammerite along myself next time I go, but it seems a bit presumptious to start fiddling about with someone else's tombstone, especially if there are family members still around...