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Lighthouse cap badges needed - URGENT


I am working on a film about the Mystery of the Flannan isles. We are in urgent need of 2 gold Lighthouse Keeper cap badges.

We need them by this Monday (3rd April)! If anyone has any we can buy/borrow/hire then please contact me asap. We will take good care of them and return them in the same condition they arrive.

The film is set 1938 (a little later than when the actual incident happened) but for this particular scene we are happy to take a variation on a badge if you have one but not from the correct period.

Many thanks in advance


Re: Lighthouse cap badges needed - URGENT

Hi Roz

I would suggest your first port of call, if you haven't tried them already, would be the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses:

Good luck, we look forward to hearing more about the film in due course.