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William Bird of Hoylake lighthouse 1819-1855

Hi there,

I have an unusual request for information if anyone has anything they can share.

From what I've read, the lighthouse keeper at Hoylake, more particularly the lower lighthouse keeper, had a dual role as the coxswain of Hoylake lifeboat. I can see that the role was jointly held by Thomas Seed 1803-1808 and Joseph Bennett 1809-1822. From a book by Jeff Morris, the next acknowledged coxswain is George Davies in 1840 and during the interim period - somewhere around 1826 - the link between keeper and coxswain ceases to be official. In your records, there appears to be a William Bird present between 1819 and 1855 when he retired and then a John Bird as coxswain from 1865 to 1890, which I would hope was some relative of William. It would seem sensible that William followed Joseph Bennett into the role of coxswain but I have nothing to corroborate the assumption, especially as William appears in both the 1841 & 1851 censuses as lighthouse keeper, formerly at the Lower and laterly at the Upper. Would there be any detail anywhere - National Archives offices, anything, anywhere else that helped me with that search for the Hoylake lifeboat coxswain that held the position between 1822 & 1840?