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Lighthouse film

My elder brother was a lighthouse keeper serving in the south west primarily although he was from north wales,.
In about 1948 ---1950. I can not be exact on the date, I was about 5 ---6 years old and was taken by my parents to the local cinema to see a film which was the supporting film to the main film. It depicted a lighthouse in the South West and showed daily activities of the keepers etc , and clearly showed my brother Brinley Brown, climbing stairs, filling lamps etc. My brother served mainly at Hartland Point light but I have a faint recollection of him saying he may have been transferred for the filming to a nearby light.
I have tried to trace this film trying Pathe, Huntley, and Look at life type archive film to no avail . I wonder if anybody remembers this film or can suggest places I can look. Thanking you for your time. John Brown