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Sunday Times where was I travel quiz.

Just a bit of interest, I look at this competition every week, the answers are (nearly) always to do with places in the UK and lighthouses feature regularly, either as clues or as answers.

This week is one of those and one which, for once, I did not have to do any on-line research as I was aware of the object of the 1st answer and the 2nd answer was the first ever lighthouse I worked at as a "wet behind the ears" 18 yr old SAK, with Richard (Dick) Packer P.K. & Gordon Phillips Senior Assistant Keeper. A wonderful introduction into the service with 2 excellent fellows for guidance.

Have a look at:

If you enjoy it look at it every week, on-line.



Re: Sunday Times where was I travel quiz.

Thanks Chris, yes got that one!

That's a good challenge :-)