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Forum kept me going

Sorry if I should not be posting this here but I have recently had a massive Bowel Cancer surgery and a stroke at the same time, whilst in dry dock I read every bit of the forum it kept me going, I will be unable to do any visits now which I was looking forward to, thanks to all forum contributers it made lying in hospital a lot easier, thanks again.

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Re: Forum kept me going

Hi Geoff

Thanks for your comments, glad to hear you are on the mend.

Keep your light shining!


Re: Forum kept me going

This must be regarded as basically good news Geoff. I experiences similar surgery around 20 years ago which was successful and has allowed me a good life in between - and counting Sadly my wife is now having mind problems and that is worse.
My lifelong interest in pharology still helps..

Re: Forum kept me going

Thanks David, it is getting used to my two Stomas is the strange bit, I started my own forum to get advice on the new way of life

Re: Forum kept me going

Hi Geoff, Hope you are recovering okay after surgery. All the very best. Russ.