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Quick cure for Bursitis

I have been a follower of the Water Cure for about 3 years now. I give Dr. Batman's books as gifts. I preach hydration despite the rolling eyes around me, because if I can help one person in any group comparing notes on aches and pains, I've done a good thing. I personally kicked a handful of incorrectly prescribed drugs following the death of my son - anti-depressants, anti-anxieties, high blood pressure meds, sleeping pills, even hormone replacement therapy... I had never felt so bad in my whole life. Breathing seemed like a chore. My family is historically suspicious of doctors, and as a group we decided that I was on too much "stuff". I embarked on a 21-day water fast on my own, and easily stopped taking all the pills. I was sleeping well, my blood pressure was perfect, my thinking was more clear, grief aside. However, the end of the fast brought on alarming levels of edema. My sister, in trying to research what was going on with me, introduced me to The Water Cure. Dr. Drew answered my specific questions, and for 6 months I stayed perfectly on plan with the Cure. I had never felt so healthy in my 50 years. But it wasn't easy, and a trip to Europe knocked me off course. I continue to keep hydration top of mind, but I never reach the desired symptoms of perfect hydration.

4 months ago I started to suffer from nerve pain. I am a cancer driver, and I spend up to 6 hours a day sitting in hospital waiting rooms or driving in heavy traffic. The doctor suggested all the sitting around caused my pain and the only cure was Lyrica and steroid injections. The pain is intense in the back of my neck, both elbows, and the tops of my feet. I am determined to never take another prescription as long as I can help it, so I turned to Yoga. That helped with my neck, but made my elbows worse (bursitis) and did nothing for my feet. Why I didn't think to go back to the water cure sooner is anybody's guess. But the light went on again and I started on Monday of this week, and as of today, Thursday, my neck, left elbow and feet are all pain free. A little more time is needed for the right elbow I guess, but it is much improved, so, I'm sure it'll get there too.