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Any side effects? Protocol?

Hello readers,
I'm little bit confused and frustrated. Wednesday night I checked my blood pressure and it was high (I was already drinking celery juice everyday with garlic, magnesium, calcium, B complex and the healthiest possible diet). Thursday I did research on the topic and found water cure website, got really excited and started drinking more water with some sea salt. I was okay on the weekend and kept drinking water and salt. Saturday night I was very thirsty. Sunday night I couldn't sleep well because of thirst and hunger. Monday, Tue, Wed night I have been waking up hungry at 1.30 am and no matter how much I eat, I stay hungry and can't sleep. Checked my blood pressure on Monday night (160/110). I started on my medication right away. I use filter water (Brita/Pur) and have Himalayan salt and another Mediterranean Sea Salt.
Can my body be undergoing some cleansing/adjusting period? Has anyone ever had that before? If I drink one whole glass at a time it even makes me very nauseated. Could I be doing it wrong? Is there a fixed protocol that you need to strictly follow? I am a big proponent of holistic methods and gave up my Pharmacist job because I don't like handing out pills. No matter what I have done in last 10 years in terms of holistic approaches hasn't cured my blood pressure. I was sleeping through the night before I started on salt and water.

Re: Any side effects? Protocol?

Maybe you used too much salt.
Does your food have salt in it? You have to take that into consideration.
Sea Salt is powerful stuff. I think it is saltier than regular salt. To me this sounds like your liver is cleansing itself.

This site has this to say about Hunger Pangs. The subject here is Liver Cleansing, but see if it fits your situation.
"Intense Hunger Pangs and Cravings

Hunger is by far the most difficult side effect to handle because it can cause other symptoms as well. Hunger pangs and intense cravings can be expected within the first few days of cleansing as the body struggles to adjust to the absence of solid food, or reduced food consumption."

Re: Any side effects? Protocol?

you just sound like you are dehydrated and your body is not use to the water intake.