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taking vitamins

I just started the water cure and I have read about taking a multivitamin 2x a day. Should I take my vitamin that way even though it is suppose to be taken once a day?

Re: taking vitamins

Vitamins are overrated. Most people aren't vitamin deficient. But many are mineral deficient. True vitamin deficiencies in this day and age are pretty rare. B12 and Folic Acid are usually the main exceptions. And possibly certain B vitamins if you are anemic or an alcoholic. But if you're none of those, I wouldn't be very concerned.

Minerals are very important, but taking them in pill form is usually counterproductive. Minerals in pill form are usually in the form of a rock, or they may be chelated (a rock bound to an amino acid) for better absorption. Your best bet is to use unrefined sea salt, use magnesium spray, and/or take either colloidal minerals or an ionic mineral supplement. Main problem with the ionic ones, like ConcenTrace, are they cause diarrhea very easily due to the high Magnesium content. You won't get this problem with colloidal minerals, which has always been my first choice.