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True solution of the Asthma, Lupus and Allergie

Hello everyone! I'm from Russia and never talked on English but I'll try to explain what I think about your allergies.
True cause of this diseases is dust mites, dog mites and cat mites.
And before you read my further explanations just do this:
Buy at local pharmacie Tea Tree Oil and when you under asthma attack just take a bath with 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil — your asthma attack goes momentally.

I'm not stupid scientist and never give quantum-mechanics-like explanations, but if you'll need that I'll give you them. I like to give clear and very understandable solutions.

My explanations:
1. Lupus. Take a paper and a nail. Make holes with nail. That is what conventional medicine calls "allergic reaction" but I clearly see it's just holes maked by mites. Their size is 0.2-0.4mm and they transparent.
See this:
Demodex dies
Why not everyone has lupus? You have lupus when you have immunity problems — when you have holes in your armor.
2. Allergie. When your immunity loses mites begin to live on your skin, under your skin, in your nose( nose has cavities like a sponge), on your eyes. Now you have runny and stuffed nose, conjunctivitis.
3. Asthma. Your immunity lost to mites and mites begin to live in your lungs. Now you have asthma attacks.

How works water and salt.
1. When you have injurie injured place swells — it is how your body repairs tissues. For doing this body needs a water. If you have permanent injuries by mites you need a lot of water constanly.
2. Salt. Not every salt works — only salts containing sulfates: A. salted water kills parasites by itself. B. From sulfates your immunity( probiotics) sitesizes substances that kills parasites very effectively and safely to your body.

What is the True Solution of the Asthma?
1. Take a bath with Tee Tree Oil.
2. 3 times per day you can drink several drops of TTO by manufacturer's instructions( In Russia we have Vivasan).
3. Never eat sugar, grain, never drink coffee — it's what parasites like: they eat sugar, from coffee they sintesizes substances that kill your immunity( probiotics).
4. Never drink with meal — it's decrease stomach acidity — the wall for parasites.
5. You need to kill all mites in your house: spray TTO( you'll find instructions in the net). Mites dies under 60°C momentally — iron you clothes, bedclothes(under 50°C they dies in half an hour).
6. You really need to reestablish your immunity:
A. Read about chikory, inulin, FOS, GOS, resistant starches — it's the food for probiotics.
B. 3 times per day drink 20 drops of GSE — grapefruit seed extract. GSE doesn't kill parasites by itself, but it's super-food for probiotics: eating GSE they quickly grow and produce very effective substances killing parasites.
You should understand that mites is relatively big parasites so they have their own parasites( dust mites infect you by Aspergillus, for example).
C. You need very effective probiotics — only liquid probiotics are effective. I don't know what you have in the USA. In Russia we have Bifidum 791 BAG with 10-in-tenth living probiotics to one millilitr of liquid( it's like a ton of kefir). Lozenges are useless — only liquids have living probiotics.

Re: True solution of the Asthma, Lupus and Allergie

Some further explanations.
After TTO your disease will be called Bronchitis — cause of this disease is Aspergillus.
You could see on or on Fred Pescatore's «Asthma Cure» some speculations about true cause of asthma, cancer — they say it is Candida. It's not so.
They just see that some disease is related to candida but I think the Candida is the only reason that you're still alive. If you need to fight some fungus you need another fungus. In case of lung diseases your enemy is Aspergillus.
Aspergillus is the industrial manufacturer of citric acid. By citric acid Aspergillus burns your skin( and tissues).
Here are some things you should understand:
1) Aspergillus very much likes cheese, bred, dairy — any product which you have seen mold. Aspergillus is that mold. You could see recommendations never to eat these products on Anticandida-diet sites: they believe they fight Candida. Any product on which no one has ever seen mold will be your remedy.
2) You could see some speculations about Magnium — they say you need to buy Natural Calm. It's madness: Natural Calm is the magnesium citrat and it's exactly the same as you would give weapons to your enemy. It's the true explanation of «allergic reactions» caused by citrus fruits( it's not because of Kalium as said Batmanghelidj).
If the true cause of some disease would be Candida you could be cured in half-hour, but if you need a years «to kill Candida» it means only one thing — your enemy is not Candida. When some stupid scientist will find remedy that kills only Candida specifically you will die from Aspergillus.
What can you do:
1) You need Streptomyces: only fungi can fight fungi.
2) You need Tibetan milk mushroom. Ferment it exactly two days.
3) You need Iodine.

Re: True solution of the Asthma, Lupus and Allergie

Here I'll tell you something interesting for everyone.
In Russia we have some breathing methods that people try to use to get cured. From Patrick McKeon you may heard about Buteyko method. You may heard about yoga breathing methods.
In my opinion all breathing methods are insane. That guys nothing understand about Phisiology and the Nature. Here you'll see why.
For example I take Buteyko method. Only one thing I know about this method: if you are doing this breathing in a wright way you need to swallow your saliva. And if you mindfully look on any breathing method you'll see that every time you need to swallow your saliva. How does it work really?
You need to know that everyone is infected with dust mites(scientists say 85-97%). You need to know they are very gentle creatures: almost anything can kill them. When you swallow your saliva you flush into your stomach some parasites( bacteria, fungi, mites) and even saliva itself can kill dust mites. It's what cats do — they try to kill mites by licking themselves.
It's very easy to stay and very strong position — when you see some healing method(not only breathing) first you should think: maybe just swallowing saliva works here.
When sheeps have mites they get cured by sulfur fumes.
Here is my explanation why people smoking and drinking: they just try to kill mites in their lungs by cigarette fumes and by alcohole in their body. Smokers need swallow their saliva. They drink and smoke not because they are wrong — something wrong happened to their body and that people try to survive like any living.
Now you can see Batmanghelidj method by my eyes:
1. «Drink glass of water and eat some salt» — it's just swallowing saliva.
2. «If you are hungry first try a glass of water and salt» — you unconciously know that swallowing saliva will help you and you know that swallowing saliva is related to eating. I think it's true explanation why some people cant't stop eating.
3. When some followers of Batmanghelidj method drink 2 litres of water in 15 minutes really they do enema — any disease is very related with dirty in intestines that rot. Nothing is related here with «hydration».
Some other things that may work in Batmanghelidj method:
1. Only in salted space Streptomyces can live and of course you need some salt for them to be healthy.
2. If you use wet sea salt that one may contain Streptomyces.

Some words about probiotics.
I don't suggest to buy kefir, yogourt in a shop. Of course it's more better when you doing it yourself. You can use these just as food if you use moreover Tibetan milk mushroom. How to use probiotics as remedy( I suggest Tibetan milk mushroom — you won't need yougurt maker):
1. Kefir on milk mushroom for allergies should be fermented two days.
2. Never drink kefir with medications or anti-parasite remedies.
3. Would be better to drink kefir at bedtime after some hours of meal: probiotics cleanse your intestines.

If you need( asthma attack, hungry, unhealthy, what else) you can swallow your saliva.

Re: True solution of the Asthma, Lupus and Allergie

There is very good article about GSE.
GSE contains citric acid so don't use it in case of allergie.

Why you became unwell

1. Ecology: the air is heavily polluted by fungis and bacteria.
2. Poor nutrition
If you live in the mountains or in the desert you don't need quality food because the air is clean. But if you live in warm and humid place your food should be rich, not for you but for your microorganisms: from quality food they will produce quality antibiotics — antibacterial and antifungal remedies.
The food quality is not measured by the quantity: it is difference and diversity. All your food should be organic and whole:
a)«whole meat»: if this time you ate beef next time eat liver. See Weston Price.
b)whole milk
c)whole groats
e)«whole salt»
Your own microorganisms are enough strong but from plain sugar( sugar, potatoes, wheat - pasta, bread etc.) they can't produce good antibiotics.
I suggest to avoid rye, wheat and and even maize: avoid any bread because of only reason — ergot — medieval plague. To me eating bread is exactly the same as to accept Christianity.
Avoid any canned products — they are moldy.

The Last comments

You can not cure asthma using only Batmanghelidj's method at least not for long .
If you have recovered from asthma " using the Batmanghelidj method" it only means that you stopped eating sugar (flour, pasta, potatoes , bread , ketchup, sodas ... ), and therefore replaced it with a more healthy food . In fact, the "Batmanghelidj method" should be taken as "do not eat sugar!".
In Russia there are many clowns with their "useful" methods of recovery, imagining themselves as great physiologists, and I want to give you a useful rule of thumb:
Whenever you see a weird or strange method the first thing you should think should be "this is a way to fight against dust mites " ( clowns can not find a way to fight against bacteria and fungi, especially ) .
Batmanghelidj is just another one clown .
Another one simple remark.
If you see that the TTO helped you does that mean that there is a lack of TTO in your body? - Of course not.
If you see that penicillin helped you does that mean there is a lack of penicillin in your body? - Of course not.
If you see that high doses of salt help you does it mean that there is a lack of salt in your body? - Of course not.
If you see that high doses of vitamins help you does it mean there is a lack of vitamins your body? - Of course not.
Antibiotics produced by bacteria and fungi. All the vitamins produced by bacteria . So vitamins is also antibiotics. As there is no lack of TTO in the body as there is no lack of vitamins in the body .
Before there will be another clown with idiotic method I will show you the right way to treat asthma.
The cause of asthma is dust mites. They eat the dead cells of your body. Why are dying cells of the body ? They are dying for the following reasons :
1 ) incorrect map of the body in the brain (brain wrongly imagines the body and therefore wrongly feeds it)
2 ) incorrect configuration of the body ( some areas may not receive enough blood )
3) poor blood circulation .
It's hard for me to imagine a patient with asthma whom easily performs these exercises.
I do not know what is «dehydration», problems with the «flow of qi enerigy» , but I know only one cause of all diseases - problems with connective tissue. The reasons for these problems :
1. Improper upbringing in childhood.
2 . Poor nutrition - poor building material unsuitable for repair of connective tissue.
Whenever you start something new try to find and ask really smart guys and follow their advice. I know two of these guys - Fred Pescatore and Tom Myers.
I hope I''ll never hear Batmanghelidj's name again.
Good bye!