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Ear infection Cure

Put a small onion with skin on in the oven, cook it until soft then put in to a cup, pierce the onion, tilt your head so the infected ear is up against the mouth of the cup, do not let the onion touch the ear, just let the steam of the onion enter the ear.

It will cure the ear of infection almost instantly. (it did for me)

Also this amazing onion cure will work other openings in the human body. navel infections, vaginal infections, piles infections,

nose infections, and eye infections. be healed now.

(Onions Absorb Viruses and Bacterias From a Rooms, leaving onions around a room can absorb the flu virus along with bacteria that cause other illnesses thereby preventing people from becoming sick. Onions are “bacterial magnets).

O Just one other ingredient needed, faith.

(God’s Amazing Healing Cures from Cornishevangelist )