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I started the watercure 2 days ago. I added 1 tsp of Redmond's sea salt to one gallon of distilled water. I drank half of this gallon the first day and the other half yesterday. Both yesterday morning and this morning I woke up and coughed up chunks of yellow phlegm. I say chunks because it was more solid than liquidy. Is this to be my body cleaning itself...or is the watercure not for me??? I often have phlegm at the back of my throat as I do right now, but I don't ever cough up chunks of yellow phlem. I don't believe I am retaining any water, because my ring comes off as pants are tight but they always are! 8-} I will need to eventually take more water to equal 1/2 my body weight in ounces but I am trying to go slowly.

Thanks for any insight!

Re: Mucous

I am sorry for the big delay in returning your post here. We have been experiencing technical difficulties that are now resolved. But right off, I need to tell you that your bringing the chunks of mucous up because your putting the sea salt in the water. That is no longer the acceptable form of use. This has been found that it dehydrates the mucous membranes and will in turn cause these mucous chunks to be expelled. The correct method of use is putting the sea salt into the palm of your hand(your required amount) then placing it on your tongue for 30 seconds. This helps with getting the nutrients directly into your blood stream quicker through the capillaries in your tongue. Even with your pants tight, this type of can be eliminated by exercise program specifically targeting the area where they are tight. I can help you with this along with any other questions you have doing the watercure. Here is my direct e mail address so I can e mail you the hydration manual so you can begin using the correct protocol and other resources to help you guide through a better healthier you.