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raw greens

Dear watercure coaches,
I love green leafy vegetables and know they are the most nutritious. However, I have difficulty digesting them. I hate to eat them cooked and don't own a juicer. I prefer to chew them anyway. Could you please tell me a way to make them delicious raw whithout having to put plenty of dressing on it. Thank you very much.

Re: raw greens

One thing I do is not just eat them individually. make them into a salad. By putting them together with other vegetables you can get even more benefits by making a green salad or including them into other salads besides. It's your taste, so experiment with it a little to find how you like it with various other things.

Re: raw greens

People with an unhealthy digestive system usually can't tolerate raw greens. Don't concern yourself with this. Cooking greens may de-activate certain enzymes, but it virtually does nothing to the nutrients in it. It's healthier to cook them at first.

And as far as other greens, like kale, broccoli, collard greens, etc, ALWAYS cook these. They contain too many anti-nutrients, and anti-thyroid compounds to eat in the raw state. I have never met a healthy person in my life who eats a lot of raw kale and broccoli. They usually have freezing cold hands, foul smelling breath, and low body temps.