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Peeing right after drinking

Hello. I've been doing the water cure for the past 3 days so far seeing great improvement in my asthma. I still have many symptoms though. I find when I drink water on it's own (even with alot of salt) I have to pee it out within 30 minutes. The only way to prevent this seems to be to drink it with food. Using this method I feel much more relief although Id like to be able to drink when I'm thirsty at other times when I'm not hungry. I read somewhere on this site that peeing the water out too fast further dehydrates you.

Any thoughts on this?


Re: Peeing right after drinking

My advice to you would be that you drink only half the amount of water and see how that feels. I believe my first hydration coach told me to do so.

then if it seems like it is working you can gradually drink more water until you drink the suggested amount.

Re: Peeing right after drinking

I need a hydration coach urgently! How can I find one?

Re: Peeing right after drinking

Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Leonard Coldwell, two very highly respected people in the alt. health field, both recommend adding unrefined sea salt directly to your drinking water. 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water. Which breaks down to:

1/8 tsp per 33.8 liter bottle
1/16 tsp per 16.9 oz normal water bottle

When the water cure first came out, the recipe was to put the salt directly into the water. Bob Butts changed it after a couple of years to NOT putting the salt in water. The reason people had trouble with it, was because the ratios were wrong. He had 1/4 tsp of sea salt mixed into a liter. Double the amount that should go into it.

I have done it both ways. I find the 1/4 tsp per liter to be dehydrating. But 1/8 tsp per liter is incredibly hydrating. I have been drinking my water this way for the past... oh, I'd say 7-8 years, easy. I put salt on my tongue only when I'm drinking other things like juice, vitamin water, etc. Otherwise it goes straight into the water.

Re: Peeing right after drinking

Read the nutrition information on the different brands of water you drink. Vitamin Water uses distilled water.