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Adding salt to daily water amount

Is it OK to just add the amount of salt for a certain amount of water, say 2 quarts to take to work, instead of taking water and salt separate?

It would be much easier to send a jug of already infused water with my hubby to work. BTW we are awaiting an alkalizing filter to use with our already under the sink filtered water.


Re: Adding salt to daily water amount

NO, never. adding salt to the water and then drinking it is like gong and drinking water from the Atlantic ocean. You just don't do it. Salt water like that when introduced into the system will dehydrate every bit of the mucosa from the back of your throat all the way thru to the lower bowel. It basically acts as a constrictor for the digestive system. It dries it up and closes it completely sufficating the person. I know sometimes it's inconvient to do the protocol at work, but what I suggest is that you re-formualate the times to your own schedual. It can be done.

Re: Adding salt to daily water amount

So, what is the protocol? What is the right way to do it? I tried a small pinch of salt on my tongue and then drink water....

Re: Adding salt to daily water amount

Todd, I disagree 100%.

Drinking the water mixed into salt does wonderful things for the body. This is exactly what they will give you at the hospital if you are getting treated for dehydration.

You mention drinking sea water. Totally different ballgame. The salt in sea water is at least 10x more concentrated than what you would be drinking using this method.

Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Leonard Coldwell (two HIGHLY respected individuals in the health field) both recommend putting sea salt in your water to drink, to both structure and re-mineralize the water. They suggest using a lesser concentration than 1/4 tsp per liter, however. They both recommend half of that amount. 1/8 tsp in a liter of water, or 1/2 tsp. in a gallon. This works amazingly. I have never been so hydrated in my life since implementing this into my health regimen.

I drink 1 gallon of reverse osmosis water per day with 1/2 tsp of Celtic Sea Salt in it to re-mineralize and re-structure the water. Nothing but amazing results.

Re: Adding salt to daily water amount

I have been trying the Water Cure, but I have a huge problem.
I am allergic to the Salt!
I have food allergies which I was hoping to cure, but if the water alone
does not work I'm out of luck.

I have tried taking just one crystal of Sea Salt. It seems to be OK if that
one crystal is all I take for the day, but If I take 3 or 4 of them over the day I have a reaction that takes 48 hours to get over. The reaction is extreme fatigue,sleepiness, fuzzy thinking, & blurred vision. This is similar to the reaction to certain foods which is accompanied with histamine release which causes aching muscles.

I'm otherwise in good health; take no prescription meds and am physically active.